2 thoughts on “The Smart Ironing Board

  1. Linda (leslie) Schwartz

    Lots of great ideas here. Can you give me information on a specific challenge? My husband has a habit of throwing his dirty clothes in a ball on the floor of his closet. I’ve tried to get him to use a bin; he does so for a while and always defaults back to the on the floor habit.

    Is there a simple solution (other that divorce) that you can recommend? It’s driving me CRAZY!!!!


  2. Contemporary Closets Post author

    One of the best solutions is a hidden hamper in the closet itself that tilts out. That way, it doesn’t take up additional space, but it is right where you’ll be changing in a walk-in. Use a laundry bag in the hamper and you’re all set. Getting him to use it is a different story, but at that point it’s the best we can do!

    Thanks for the question Leslie. For some great ideas check out our eShowroom and our Houzz!

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